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When it rains, it pours! Umbrellas

Summer is over and winter is coming.. fast! Ensure you are covered and your brand is not forgotten about.
Any marketing guru will tell you that the keys to effective promotional items are value, usefulness, longevity and visibility. Promotional umbrellas fulfill all of those key requirements.

Are Promotional Umbrellas Useful?

To just about everyone. Several times a week. Here in the Ireland and in Western Europe when a rain shower is often only hours away, most folks keep an umbrella in the boot of the car so it’s handy, and another by the door of the office just in case, as well as the one that they keep at home. You can be assured that your promotional umbrella will be put to good use – and used often.
promotional umbrellas promotional umbrellas

Have a High Perceived Value:
A good reliable umbrella is invaluable when you need one. Many happily part with €10 or more for a quality umbrella that will deliver years of service. When you give away umbrellas as part of a marketing campaign, your company is perceived as offering high value and appreciation to its customers.
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Have a Long Use Life:
The average promotional golf umbrella, if it’s well-made, can last for years. That gives your marketing or promotional message some major longevity in a market where most promotional items last only a few months, at best. And over the course of those years, your umbrella will be seen by hundreds of people in all sorts of places – because umbrellas travel with their people and as such provide a lasting way in which to advertise your brand or particular marketing message.

Are Very Visible:
Colourful and big, promotional umbrellas offer a large field for printing your logo or marketing message. Put them out on the street amongst the any black and dull brollies, and they really stand out in a crowd. Promotional umbrellas give your company name the visibility that it deserves.

When you add up all the advantages, it’s easy to see that promotional umbrellas offer you high value for your marketing budget. From classic crook handle umbrellas to high quality vented golf umbrellas, you’ll find nearly any style you want in the colors and styles that will make your company stand out from the crowd.
promotional umbrellas
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